3-day festival

Appril Festival, Applying a World of Ideas

All about Mobile Business, App Development & New Technology

About Appril festival

Appril festival 2018 is all about Mobile Business, App Development & New Technology. Join us for great App Showcases, Mobile Business cases, App Marketing & Leadgeneration, Human Centred Design & Tech Talks i.a. Artificial Intelligence, AR, IoT, Conversational User Interface and more. Building excellent customer journeys and brands of the future. Mobile First! The code of conduct for our conference can be found here.


Link with mobile professionals and creative minds during interactive presentations at the main stage. Join designers, developers, marketeers and business strategists at the breakout sessions. Meet Mobile Heroes at the bar or the appril network dinner! Come to the full conference day at april 18 hosted in Amsterdam. Pick any session you like on april 16, 17 & 18, hosted by our festival partners throughout Amsterdam.


AMSTERDAM - exact location to be announced