We are so happy to announce

appril festival is a life and kicking!

Whohoo appril festival is alive and kicking!

We make this month a fresh start with our brand new website. Find our latest job offers and app-mobile-UX- Nl-news. Although we have a new look, we are still the same. We love to connect, inspire and showcase app professionals live during the month of April and now on our new (mobile) website. Because …mobile is still growing!

Check out the latest facts.

There are more then 5,000,000 apps in the apps stores.
We are in the top 10 of countries leading at app development world wide.
Shopping app usage increased by more then 54% between 2016 and 2017.
In Europe, the conversion rate on shopping apps is more than 3 times higher then on mobile web.


Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you our new partner: Appdevcon

Team Appdevcon and appril festival go way back, we are working together since the beginning of appril in the year 2012. It took us almost 6 years to figure out that we are each other’s best partners. So we share our skills, best practices and combine our network.


Soon we will start with our Call for papers and there will be new workshops and training opportunities in the future. Developing an app is expensive and technically complex. So let’s learn from each other, share our knowledge and stay ahead off the game. appril would like to share our latest news, educate and inspire you. We love to offer you space to showcase your best products. If you have appril-related news to share, then send us your content to: redactie@apprilfestival.com

Love from team Appril.

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